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Convention Wisdom for ALL

What would you say if invited to speak at one of the political conventions? My friend simply said “I would read the Bible to them”. While I believe that to be a wonderful idea, we would be wise to remember that the reading alone would not suffice! It is common knowledge that we can hear advice all day long and let it “go in one ear and out the other”. In order for the reading of God’s Word to make a difference in anyone’s life, it must be able to take root in the healthy soil of an open heart. This is where we must be careful because the only heart I can control or have responsibility over is my own. The question I have to ask myself is whether or not my heart is open to hear the Truth….not from either political party but from God himself!

As Christians, we have the unique ability to hear from God through His Holy Spirit which communes with our spirit. God is the only one who honestly and intimately understands each one of us and He is capable of letting His Truth be known in our innermost being. Will we listen? Or, will we have preconceived ideas of what His Truth is and keep our spiritual hands over our spiritual ears and refuse to hear? As always, God allows us freedom to answer that question on a personal level.

I do not write this to promote one political party over another but to encourage caution as we make our decisions in November. Unfortunately, we will not find a political party that acts like the “church” and we are not selecting a “senior pastor” but the President of the United States.  We must keep in mind that what is seen on TV or read in the news is not necessarily accurate. With the free access we have to information via the internet, perhaps we should spend some time doing old fashioned research and, as we were taught in school, double check our resources. At the very least, listen to both sides of the arguments from the original source and not from a person reporting what was said.

We cannot reasonably expect perfection from either party as perfection is not found in anyone except Jesus. We, who are called to be salt and light in this world, have a responsibility to listen carefully to the Light of the world.  Don’t tell God what you think or believe…..just listen to Him! In quietness before the Lord, open up your personal political views to the inspection of the Holy Spirit. Be willing to hear from Him. Then, make the decisions you believe would most please your heavenly Father and trust Him with the results.  Whatever the outcome now or in the future, God is still God and God is still good. We are aliens in this world but we are not alone. God is with us always and forever!


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