Run with Abandon

Life is hard. But God, our Father, is REAL! Reach for His hand today.

Living with Purpose – HIS Purpose

As much as I enjoy relationships, I would rather blend into the wall in a large crowd because I really don’t like being surrounded by people. This made our life in baseball interesting as I was often in the midst of large crowds at games. I was there because I enjoyed watching Andy pitch and wanted to support him in his career but I did not like being watched or noticed as a “player’s wife”.  It always amazed me that Andy could do his job in front of thousands of people with the knowledge that hundreds of thousands more watched the game on TV.  Andy explained to me that he had to learn how to tune out the distractions and focus on the task at hand. Andy had a clear understanding that his job as a pitcher was to throw quality pitches and get hitters out. This was an explanation I could understand! I gave a similar answer to a question from my daughter a few years ago. Robin had attended a speaking engagement with me and asked why I didn’t appear nervous when talking to a room full of women. My response was that my comfort came from the confidence that I was doing what God had equipped me to do.  Furthermore, I explained how completely uncomfortable I would be in her job as a preschool teacher!

Everyone was created by God and He gave each individual unique abilities. When we are involved in a growing relationship with the Creator, we are better able to discern what those gifts are and how He intends for them to be used. In other words, you are uniquely qualified to complete the meaningful work the Lord has planned for you. For example, I believe I was given the gift of teaching but that is not to say that I would be an effective teacher in every setting. It is my responsibility to seek the Lord’s guidance as to when, where, what, and who I teach.  I can take it upon myself to act according to my personal preferences as I am certainly capable of teaching without God’s guidance. And, it is true that God allows me to choose. If I choose to live life my own way, I am confident that God can see that His goals are accomplished without me. Our freedom to choose does not change the truth that it is His desire that we each live in relationship with Him and enjoy great fulfillment in that relationship. We can live in a way that we find pleasing to our flesh nature and ignore the raging war with our spirit. The reality is that the ongoing battle between our flesh and spirit is very real and the one that gets stronger is the one that is exercised more often.  Therefore, if we choose to do life apart from God then we experience the effects of that decision in our weakened spirit resulting in a spiritual ignorance and eventual hardening of our hearts toward the things of God. We can get to a point where we don’t ever think about God and we live entirely for our fleshly reward, enjoyment and glory. Then, our life is over and we face eternity in a broken relationship with God.

It has been my experience that people want to have a reason for living. I believe the life that brings the greatest sense of fulfillment is the one lived for the glory of Almighty God.  I often feel the temptation to work for my personal gain but, ultimately, those achievements are temporal. Whereas, if I choose to do all that I do as if I am working for the Lord God and for outcomes that I may, or may not, ever understand then the effects are eternal. When my life ends, my purpose lives on because it was always His. When I contrast a purpose that is temporary, in the grand scheme of life, to one that will literally affect lives for eternity then it is not difficult for me to decide which purpose I desire.  How about you?


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