Run with Abandon

Life is hard. But God, our Father, is REAL! Reach for His hand today.

Power is the Key

My computer died the other day in the middle of typing some thoughts for a blog. I lost everything because I didn’t listen to the warning! The electricity went out while we were staying at a condo on vacation and we bumped around in the dark because we didn’t have batteries for the flashlight. The last time I ran out of gas (and I hope it will be the last time) it was because I chose to ignore the little light that was telling me my tank was low. The electricity, batteries, and gas provided the power I wanted and needed at a crucial moment. I had access to all that I needed but I just didn’t take action to acquire it.

As Christ-followers, we have access to His power! The question is whether or not we will tap into that power.  Perhaps the problem is that it isn’t just a question of plugging in a cord or popping in a battery. Rather, we are called to be filled to the full measure of His power through the enlightenment of our hearts and allowing the Holy Spirit to live in our inner being. We accomplished this, and much more, as we know God better.  In order to know God better, we must choose to spend time with him and allow him access to change us from the inside out. That was stated in a few short sentences but is accomplished with diligent work!

The alternative is to live life without the power of Almighty God and exist like a sailboat on the water without a useful sail! The scripture says we will be “tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men and their deceitful scheming.”  The way this plays out in our daily living is that we decide what to believe about everything and everybody by how we think, feel, or reason about the situation or person. We draw conclusions that may not be accurate about ourselves, our circumstances, our existence, and those with whom we have relationships. The power we have access to in our relationship with Jesus is what enables us to live in the truth. We have a security that comes from His power that is better than any sail or anchor attached to a boat in a storm. We simply have to take action to tap into the power.

Getting to know the God we serve is a privilege and a challenge. Think about the opportunity before us! We have access to the same source of power that parted the sea before the Israelites and raised Jesus from the dead. This power belongs to God and is to be used for His purposes. But, one of His purposes is that we grasp the vast dimensions of His love so that we can live a life that reflects that love in order to share it with others! The challenge comes as we recognize the amazing strength of our flesh, or natural desires, in resisting the decision to know God in this way. We have a natural desire to acquire the power without any strings attached so that we can enjoy the accolades from others.  I encourage you to open your heart completely to God and let Him search out the things that hinder or limit your acquisition of His power. This usually involves admission of sinful areas in our lives.  This kind of transparency before the Lord is intimidating but rewarding. We must press on, be determined, to grasp the power from His mighty hand and use it to His honor and glory every day of our lives!

Recommended reading: The book of Ephesians (this blog focused on chapters 3) and Psalm 19.


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