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Help for the Wounded

We cannot make it through childhood without being wounded. We get hurt physically as we learn to walk, run, and climb. We make wrong choices out of ignorance or wilfulness and are injured physically, emotionally, or spiritually in the process. Sometimes our affliction comes from our association with others. It’s a wonder some kids live through the childhood experience. Unfortunately, we seem to sometimes have the expectation for ourselves and others that all of this is left behind once we turn 18.

The truth is that we still make unwise choices that may cause us to “fall” and get hurt. Furthermore, we continue to be affected by our ignorance and wilfulness and there is no question that we are also influenced by the sinful nature of the world in which we live. Perhaps it is our choices concerning our involvement with the world that cause us and those we love the most pain. It seems that the wounds we incur on that battle front are of a spiritual nature and they cut deeply into our souls.

There is great news for the one who desires to seek the help of almighty God, our heavenly Father! The writer of Psalm 25 had obviously been in this predicament because he speaks the truth so eloquently! It begins by stating “To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul; in you I trust O my God”. The rest of the verses offer encouragement and healing to the one who is calling to the Father in this way. To name just a few of the benefits, those who trust in Him are offered love, instruction, guidance, forgiveness, and hope!

This is a simple message for a complicated time in history! Somehow, I don’t think the Lord intended for us to get bogged down with intricate methods of worship. Rather, I think He is always waiting and hoping that we will come to Him in our brokenness and with a simple faith. Whatever the wounds may be or however we were inflicted with them, we are loved and cherished by a God who is real and very much alive!


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